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From Drake to Beach House to Deafheaven to Sophie to Grimes to Cloud Nothings to, yes, Kanye—our picks for the best songs of the half-decade.

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Critic Simon Reynolds holds Ariel Pink to be chillwave's "godfather". Pink gained recognition in the mid 2000s through a string of self-produced albums, inventing a sound that Reynolds calls "'70s radio-rock and '80s new wave as if heard through a defective transistor radio, glimmers of melody flickering in and out of the fog". [32] The Paw Tracks record label which distributed Pink's albums was run by Animal Collective, who signed Pink after being impressed by a collection of 1990s demos he had brought to them. [33] On chillwave's bedroom pop precursors, Cellars (Allene Norton) believes that Pink is "definitely not chillwave but that kind of stuff influenced a lot of the artists making it, like Washed Out." [34] In 2010, Uncut ' s Sam Richard profiled Pink as "a lo-fi legend: a prolific crafter of damaged pop songs delivered in a perplexing array of styles and accents ... The ghostly pop sound of Pink’s previous output has proved curiously influential on the current generation of bedroom producers such as Ducktails and Toro Y Moi, who’ve been corralled under the semi-sarcastic banner of chillwave." [35]

Ik ben bezig de lijst zo compleet mogelijk op Apple Music te zetten. Nummer 2000- 1850 staan erop. Gaat nog wel even duren voor ik bij 1 ben. Zoeken op Snob 2000 en helemaal naar beneden scrollen in de app

Chris at WFMU went to the UK and stopped for an interview with Neil in Cornwall…. they will air it today during the 12-3 AM “Private Sector” show (NYC time) http:///playlists/PV

22nd July 2016
XTC – English Settlement (deluxe vinyl reissue)
Aphex Twin – Cheetah
Urban Sax – 1 + 2
Simple Minds – New Gold Dream (box set)
Michael Mantler – The Hapless Child
George Duke – The Era Will Prevail (box set)
Chicago – Quadio (box set)
Ornette Coleman – Chapaqqua Suite
Ora – Amalgam
Annette Peacock – I’m the One

Slowdive - Beach Song / Take Me DownSlowdive - Beach Song / Take Me DownSlowdive - Beach Song / Take Me DownSlowdive - Beach Song / Take Me Down